I’m Dreaming Of A White Easter

Did you know that, statistically at least, it’s more likely to snow at Easter than it is at Christmas – especially when Easter falls at its earliest possible date as it does this year, all bar one day.  Despite this meteorological fact, bookies will still take bets on White Christmases rather than White Easters and Christmas carols all dream of snowy holidays.  It just wouldn’t seem right with Bing Crosby singing about a White Easter…

Yet it’s still a bit of a shock to us all to wake up this morning and find that the ground is covered in a healthy layer of snow.  Of course, the Met Office have been warning of this for some time, with their Early Warning pages predicting as early as Tuesday that we would need shovels come the weekend and that only Dennis Quaid would be able to save us, but few of us believed it.

So, I’d like to raise a glass to the guys at the Met Office and wish them a Happy Easter – for once, they got it right!

Who says global warming exists?

The Tharp Arms, Easter in the Snow

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