Setting up a new blog…

Every now and then it’s time for a change and, for many years, I’ve been faithful to Google’s blogging service, Blogger.

However, whilst I pretty much worship the Internet trail that Google has blazed, the Blogger service has failed to keep up with the times and I’ve been hopping around for a little while now trying to find a better blogging service.

I’ve had a play with Tumblr but, in the end, WordPress just seems to be offering me a better all round set up so, from today, and with a touch of sadness, I’m saying goodbye to Google’s Blogger service and reviving this old WordPress blog that I’d set up a couple of years ago.

All my old blogs are still available here: but new blogs will be available at the slightly altered domain of in future.  (A departure message has been left on the old Blogger service, bless it.  It’s been a faithful companion to my moanings for a while now, but a change is as good as a rest.)

You can also now sign up to receive e-mails for when new blogs are posted – something I always struggled to make Blogger do properly – or alternatively just keep reading my Twitter feed, which will always have new blogs linked to it.

So, welcome then, to my new blog! Enjoy.


One thought on “Setting up a new blog…

  1. Slamdunk says:

    I have heard others voice complaints against Blogger as well. After digging around, I went with Feedburner’s widget for my email blogs and it has been good so far (fingers crossed).

    Best wishes with the new location.

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