Give Me Back My Google Doodles!

Hi.  My name’s Mark and I’m not ashamed to admit I like Google…

I use Google Docs for all my document production.  I have a Google Android mobile phone.  I use Picasa – and its online derivation – for all my photograph storage and sharing.  It’s my default search engine of choice and GMail is my chosen e-mail provider.  Should they produce an iPad-bashing tablet, I will be first in the queue to procure one.

I also like the Google Doodles.

Which is why I’m a bit disappointed to learn of their possible, and certainly untimely, demise.  It seems that this week, Google has moved away from the ‘clean’ image of their search engine page and copied Bing by slapping a great big picture in the background instead.

Or you can choose one of your own, from your hard drive, a web address, or even your online Picasa account.

I can’t see why, though.  When it comes to branding, Google’s is prominently known for being clean and crisp.  I’ve always wanted them to bring out a Google branded credit card – a nice oblong shape of white with the Google logo down the middle with the little Visa or Mastercard logo positioned in the corner. 

Google’s brand has been synonymous with clean, clear pages, although of late their search results are becoming more and more cluttered with pay-per-click results.

Charles Arthur blogs in The Guardian today about the death of the Doodle and Google’s reasoning behind it, surmising that it might be something to do with mobile browsing.  Alternatively, it could be to do with personalisation; after all, to put your own picture on the search page background you need to log in with a Google account, thereby encouraging people who use Google’s search page but don’t have an account with them, to sign up and join the club.

But I’m a die-hard Googlephile, with a full account and everything that goes with it, and all I want is a nice clean, white search engine page with the occasional Doodle to pique my interest from time-to-time.

Sadly, though, despite Charles Arthur’s comments that you can still select ‘no background’ (which, apparently, leaves you with the white background but a mere shadow of the original Google logo) I can’t find any option to select this.  Instead, I just get faced with a plethora of, admittedly beautiful, images for my delectation.

So please, Google, can we have our Doodles back?

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2 thoughts on “Give Me Back My Google Doodles!

  1. vonholdt says:

    i wonder if there was a noticeable increase in internet bandwidth usage because of those big background pictures every time someone hit the google homepage? At least they paid enough attention to end our misery early.

  2. dmarks says:

    I like Gmail for the spam filtering. I hate it for how it jumbles up the inbox into a mess. The “sent” folder shows evry email sensibly arrange by date. I keep losing emails because of how the inbox hides them. If only there were a setting to fix this. I do keep looking for it….

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