My Name Is Stig And I Drive A Lawnmower

It cost £25, I needed a little help from some friends, and I forgot to change out of my most expensive pair of jeans while I worked on it, but if you have a problem, if you’ve got long grass, you need:

my lawnmower!

Video 1: it’s maiden voyage (and before I figured out how to make it go faster!)

Video 2: its maiden cut…

Video 3: she helped rebuild it, so it was only fair to let Frances have a go…

I have an overwhelming urge to decorate it in Ferrari stickers and wear a Stig-like Nomex suit while playing on it but still, as you can see, the rear lawn before you get to the kid’s treehouse is desperately in need of a cut, so I must go and get on with it…!

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