Marty McFly did NOT arrive in 2010…

So it’s 2010, the Internet is prevalent, and with it come the many hoaxes, urban legends and apocryphal stories that such a global rumour mill can produce.

Usually, they revolve around stories of viruses so harmful they will leap out of your computer and consume your liver, or mobile phone calls where you are asked to push the hash button eighteen times and this will then send all your credit card details to a man on the moon.  There are even those that harbor some truth, such as the fact that Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Robert Maxwell are all alive and well and living it up on an island with a bunch of people from the TV show Lost.

Oh, wait…

Now, ordinarily such hoaxes pass me by and I spend much of my time telling my mum to stop sending panicking e-mails out to everybody in her e-mail address book, but there’s one making the rounds at the moment that’s really annoying me for incredibly petty reasons.

Over the past few days, fed mainly by the social networking service Twitter, the world seems to have gone mad about

Warning, this image might actually have been faked
Marty McFly did NOT arrive in 2010…

the fact that today is the day that Marty McFly (Back to the Future) arrives in 2010.

Except it isn’t.

Back To The Future happens to be one of my favourite films and, from what I can recall of the entire script, he doesn’t arrive in 2010 in any of the movies.  There is a line, at the start of the original film, where Doc Brown states that he might go twenty five years in to the future (the film was released last week in 1985…) but no date is given.  Instead, the time line takes place across one hundred and thirty years, with 1985 and 1985(A) the pivotal points in history.

Marty and the Doc manage to hop around predominately between 1955, 1985 and 2015, with a Wild West trip to 1885 just for good measure.  Just to make sure I wasn’t going completely barmy, I got a bit nerdy and checked the official Back To The Future Wiki page and, sure enough, the timeline doesn’t show anything more exciting happening between 2008 and 2012 than perhaps a woman becoming President of the United States…

(For those interested, you can find the official timeline here:

For anybody really worried about whether they’re going to bump in to Marty McFly or not, he’s officially due to arrive in to the future on October 21st, 2015.

That means there’s still plenty of time for flying DeLoreans and hoverboards to be invented yet…

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3 thoughts on “Marty McFly did NOT arrive in 2010…

  1. Craig Jeavons says:

    Good work Mark. Chris Moyles was also disputing this the other day. How dare people hijack such 80’s gold and use it for meaningless internet viral nonsense!

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