Exterior Decoration By Punch Taverns.

Exterior Decoration By Punch Taverns. My latest blog on The Publican is now available: http://ow.ly/29ytX

if you’re of the frame of mind to put a sign up slagging your pubco off to all and sundry, you might as well put one up that says “I’m a tied tenant so my prices are ridiculously more expensive than his next door, I can’t afford to clean the carpet and I’ll bitch at you about it until you leave…”

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One thought on “Exterior Decoration By Punch Taverns.

  1. fundingdoctor says:

    It’s tough at the moment, and somehow even tied tenants need to drag people in…
    If you can’t compete with the local Wetherspoons or WMC then DON’T!
    Do something else and do it BETTER!
    After all there must be plenty of people out there who don’t JUST want cheap beer…?
    Consider your market and up your game. That way you will survive.
    Also think about ways to save without spending….
    Thats the advice from the fundingdoctor
    Kind regards to all in the trade
    Paul Thompson
    Acorn Commercial Finance

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