New Big D Babe Crowned

If you’re nuts about, well, nuts you’ll probably be quite familiar with the saucy peanut brand, Big D.  Not necessarily because they taste great, but more likely because – as a bloke in the pub – you’ve been attracted by the rather pretty lady on the packaging.

There’s always been something about the Big D brand.  Maybe it’s because I’m shallow, and therefore easily swayed by the lure of a pretty face, but while Walker’s went all naughty by trying to get you to eat Nobby’s Nuts, Big D have simply stuck by a tried and tested method of sticking semi-naked woman on their packaging and waiting for you to fall for it.

And you do.  You know you do.  Mainly because you want to see if, as packets are pulled off the cardboard strip, anything really naughty is revealed behind it.  Sort of like a nuts version of BreakOut.

Recently, though, Big D have been running a competition to find a new babe, and she’s just been revealed.  Rosie Jones, the brunette from Middlesex, won the coveted prize of being the next Big D Babe.  So, don’t expect to see a blonde revealing herself on your nuts packaging any time soon: Rosie’s a brunette.

You can see a video of the night here:

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