Flipping Beer Mats!

When it comes to scintillating excitement, beer mats don’t necessarily pop in to your head first.  And the idea of flipping them doesn’t really occur to many of us unless we’re sat in a pub, slightly bored and waiting for our mates to arrive.

But there are some people in the world who are actually quite good at it and, therefore, like setting records in it.

On Monday evening, I was kindly invited to visit the launch of Proud of Pubs week, an initiative held by The Publican magazine to promote all that is great and good about pubs, at The Wiremill near East Grinstead, a fantastic and beautiful pub that I recommend you visit if you’re ever in the area.  It was also voted Pub of the Year at this year’s Publican Awards.

As well as being there to celebrate pubs, we were also treated to a demonstration by world champion beer mat flipper Dean Gould in how to, well, flip beer mats.  Here, for your heart-thumping excitement then, are a few videos of Dean’s world record breaking evening:

Record Number One:
Flipping Beer Mats blindfolded, with just two fingers.
The previous record was sixteen; in this video it becomes twenty:

Record Number One A:
Flipping Beer Mats blindfolded, with just two fingers.
Not content with twenty, Dean Gould goes on to make it thirty five:

Record Number Two:
Speed flipping 1’000 beer mats.
Dean Gould breaks the world record for speed flipping 1’000 beer mats. Previously 45 seconds, in this video it becomes 41.06 seconds, speed flipping twenty stacks of fifty mats.
(How exciting, I was the official time keeper for this event!)

How does he do it?

Dean Gould is blessed, some say, with the slightly odd ability to bend the fingers on his hands back an incredibly long way.  The video below demonstrates, and apparently he can hold 14 hen’s eggs on the back of one hand.

(Great quote in the background from Hamish Champ: “that’s disgusting…”)

So there you have it, folks.  Two world records in beer mat flipping.  Dean did apparently break one further record, catching 108 mats from his elbow and beating the previous record of 107, but my wife failed to catch that one on video…

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