The Tivoli, Cambridge (via Pints and Pubs)

I’m popping in to Cambridge on Saturday night for a stag do … perhaps I’ll include this pub in our crawl?

The Tivoli, Cambridge Tuesday 27th July saw the opening of a new Cambridge pub in a wonderful 1920s building, The Tivoli on Chesterton Road, now a Wetherspoons pub. When we visited, there were a few guest ales to choose from including Old Hooky but I went for Nethergate Essex Border (4%), a golden coloured best bitter in great shape that I stuck with for a few enjoyable pints. … Read More

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One thought on “The Tivoli, Cambridge (via Pints and Pubs)

  1. Peter Norman says:

    The Tivoli now reopened ! Good beer, food just rubbish. I had one of the poorest meals ever last night. If you want the best meal in Cambridge at a reasonable price try The Arundel over the road from The Tivoli, they employ a proper Chef.

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