Today’s To-Do List

I woke up this morning to discover that the To Do list on my smartphone was blinking red on just about every task that is waiting to be completed.  It read something like this:

  1. Phone insurance company to ask why Premium Credit are taking the wrong money in my monthly premiums.
  2. Change light bulb in gents’ toilets (it’s been out for a week now. Whoops.)
  3. Correct calculation error in spreadsheet produced by till.
  4. Send off speeding ticket document to inform police that Ali was the driver at the time of the incident, not me (I was on a push bike trying to ride from London to Cambridge).

However, rather than do any of that – which, I have to say, I had fully intended to do as I was standing in the kitchen making myself a cup of tea – I have instead spent the whole morning making sure the dates for all the birthdays and anniversaries in my Google Contacts list are correct.

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