The Bar (and Baseball) (via After I Quit My Day Job)

I love reading this lady’s blog, it’s a fascinating insight in to her dating world and a great read, but I always thought the tying-a-knot-in-a-cherry-stem was nothing more than an adult-movie myth! Apparently not…

A great read.

It’s 8:00pm.  I’ve spent the past three and a half hours with the Man from Marshalls and we’re now perched upon a pair of bar stools at Catahoula’s.  Despite the fact that I’m still basking in the glow of our first kiss, I’m failing miserably in my attempts to make intelligent comments about the Phillies game.  Nor have I managed to work into conversation the fact that I write a blog, and that this blog happens to be about dating, and I lead a ra … Read More

via After I Quit My Day Job


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