In The News This Week: Only in Japan…

This week: Is the Sega Wee a genuine contender?  And was the Vibrator Bomb a bang too far…? Here are a couple of stories that caught my attention this week…

Only In Japan…

I once heard tell of a game they liked to play in Japanese bars.  The principle was quite simple: those who liked to gamble on just about anything could have a flutter on how long and hard their drinking companions could, well, urinate for…

Apparently, urinals in gentlemen’s toilets were rigged with pressure sensors that would report back to a traffic light style system behind the main bar on the force of flow from the person relieving themselves, the height they might manage to achieve against the porcelain, and how long they would wee for.

Back on the bar, the owner would take bets and offer odds based on previous knowledge of his customers and their, well, peeing habits.

As a person who suffers immense stage fright when it comes to weeing in public (I once couldn’t make myself go when I was stood at the side of the M25 despite having been desperate for the loo when the traffic came to a halt three hours before…) the whole idea of having to perform in order for my drinking buddies to win cash is a bit anathema to me, but I never did find out whether the story was true or simply the stuff of early-Internet myth.

Not the Nintendo Wii, but instead a Sega Wee...

Today, however, I read on the Wired website and MCV that Sega have launched their very own Wee, apparently called the Toylet.  The idea is simple: there are four games to choose from, and you play them by aiming your urine at the back of the toilet basin and trying to achieve goals.

At least it passes the time as you expel waste beer, I suppose, and the advantage is that your results aren’t reported back to everybody in the public bar.

I guess I just feel sorry for the chaps who’ve been trying to keep their mind off their prostate problems…

Too Much Of A Bang?

I don’t know if it’s the way my mind works or not, but I couldn’t help finding this story a little amusing.  Thirty seven year old (just a year younger than me!) Terry Allen became so fed up with being jilted by his lady friends that he planned to send them some very exciting presents this Christmas.

Presumably using some bits contained in every terrorist’s household kit, Allen removed the innards of a sex toy and replaced them with gunpowder and an explosive device.

Fortunately for the ladies concerned, Terry Allen was caught before they had chance to use the devices.  I guess, though, if they had used them then when they came, they’d have gone…

Links to the stories quoted above:
The Sun: Vibrator Bomb:
MCVUK: Sega Toylet:
Wired: Sega Toylet:
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