Blog Themes: Grid Focus (via News)

I’ve spent the morning broggling about with the theme to my personal blog, trying to give it a tidy, fresh look for 2011 … and I’ve spectacularly failed to come up with anything I like to replace the current theme.

I’m particularly fond of Derek Punsalan‘s Grid Focus theme (below), but it’s in three column layout only and I don’t like that. I want a wider space for my posts, with just a single column, right or left, as I feel columns and lots of widgets distract from the content.

So, for now, we’re stuck with this theme for this blog. But, if anybody knows how to get a theme like the Grid Focus one but with just two columns, let me know…!

First Theme of 2009: Grid Focus We’re happy to announce the launch of our first new theme this year: Grid Focus, by Derek Punsalan. It’s a clean and simple three-column theme with a couple of special features you’ll dig: Two widget areas. Widgets on Grid Focus can be placed in two sidebars. Front page icon synced with your blavatar. The blue icon that appears on the front page of Grid Focus by default will change to your blavatar if you’ve uploaded one. Enjoy! … Read More

via News

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