Part of Thetford Forest For Sale (via suffolkcyclist)

Do you agree with the selling off of forests? In general, neither do I, but reading through the blog linked below from a mountain biker, I can understand his frustrations.

Now, I’m not really in to mountain biking – I prefer road biking, although the two carry their own dangers. On a road, you are subject to traffic and you have to hope that they spot you and that you spot them, but mountain biking means having to avoid trees. At high speed. Whilst slipping around on mud.

Near to where I live is the Brandon Country Park estate, which is apparently now up for sale. Elveden Estate is interested in purchasing it, and although I like to buy my Christmas Trees from that area, I’m not keen on the idea of the park being closed down to the public, especially if it means losing the mountain biking trails up there, of which there are many, of varying degrees of difficulty, for different riders.

So, if you agree with me, why not have a read of Suffolk Cyclist’s blog below, and maybe even sign this petition…

Part of Thetford Forest For Sale Word has just trickled through to me that apparently Suffolk County Council have put their ownership of the Brandon Country Park side of the forest up for sale. The only interested party at present is Elveden Estate and if their past attitude is anything to go by, that will be the end of mountain biking over there. The whole sell off of forests is despicable. I really can’t understand how, as a nation, we are letting an ideologically motivated co … Read More

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One thought on “Part of Thetford Forest For Sale (via suffolkcyclist)

  1. James Deane says:

    It’s official:

    I suppose Suffolk County Council have to fund the £250k salary of their CEO somehow…

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