Bottoms Up Beer Glasses…

Lager, poured through the bottom of a glass? It’s a trick you’d expect to see on The Paul Daniels Magic Show, but when my Uncle Paul did indeed send me this video of beer glasses being filled through the bottom, I couldn’t help but be intrigued:

The system has been developed by GrinOn Industries, who claim to have produced the world’s fastest draft beer dispensing system.

It’s a simple enough system: each plastic glass (yes, plastic…) has a hole in the bottom through which the beer dispensing nozzle is inserted. When not sat on the dispensing machine, the base of the glass is sealed with another piece of plastic and a magnetic rim.  The seal is broken when the glass is placed on the dispensing machine and then, when the glass is picked up, drops back in to place to form a perfectly secure base, thus allowing the drinker to enjoy their beverage.

GrinOn claim their four-nozzle Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser™ can pour up to fifty six pints in a minute – for anyone involved in an environment where lots of cold lager needs to be poured in swift succession I can see it being fantastic. I hope to see one next time I’m at Silverstone for the Formula One; just as long as it doesn’t have Foster’s in it!

In my little village pub, though, with good quality cask ale? Poured in rapid succession in to a plastic glass? I can just hear the CAMRA guys wincing as I type that thought out…

You can read more about this here:

GrinOn Industries:

The Sidney Morning Herald:

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2 thoughts on “Bottoms Up Beer Glasses…

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tharp Arms, Mark J Daniels. Mark J Daniels said: The Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser! When @ThePaulDaniels sent me this, I couldn't help put it on my blog: Very clever. #ukpubs […]

  2. Kevin Hall says:

    I still see a lot of potential for the British sense of humour to exercise it’s inventiveness, Mark. How soon can you convince a rep to turn up for a demonstration?
    Please bear in mind, that I finish shift in about three weeks. I think I’ve worked out how it can be done with real ale too.
    One other thing, can you tell me if I just tweeted?

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