The massive growth of FourSquare…

Geolocation-based Social Networking is on a massive rise at the moment. Last month saw Facebook announce their new Deals service, a location-based bolt-on to Places that allows retailers to offer incentives to check-in, and a wave of new geolocation social networking tools has flooded the app stores across all smartphone operating systems.

But nothing seems to give a better indication of the growth of this market place than FourSquare themselves, who grew by 3400% during 2010.

With 381’576’305 check-ins during the year, including 224 ladies called Wendy checking in at, well, Wendy’s and one check-in actually made from space, the popularity of this latest form of letting your friends know where you are and what you’re up to is definitely on the rise.

Soon, it’ll almost be de rigeur to check-in wherever you go, so choose your platform wisely…

Meanwhile, why not have a look at these stats from FourSquare for 2010

*hint: click the image to see it in full on FourSquare’s website.

FourSquare's growth in 2010 - click the image to see it in full

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