“Forces In Libya Face The Sack…”

As our continually stretched finances face yet more difficulties in paying for our attempts to claim the moral high ground in other countries, the media appear to have once again pounced on the fact that many members of our underpaid services face the prospect of unemployment.

Indeed, today’s i newspaper carries the subheading Forces in Libya operation among those facing sack, underneath the main headline of ‘Stretched’ forces face savage cuts, and this annoys me somewhat.

It isn’t the quotation marks that annoy me, which give the impression that the i might not believe that the forces really are stretched, but the fact that when somebody gets “The Sack” it invariably means they’ve been dismissed from their job for some wrongdoing.  Whether you agree with sending our troops in to Middle East battlegrounds or not, the one thing we can all clearly agree on is that our soldiers and military personnel are simply doing the job that they’ve been tasked with doing, and are doing it to serve their country and Queen, one way or another.

To get the sack, then, would imply that they’ve done something to encourage it, which I’m pretty sure they haven’t.

Trade, in all avenues, is difficult at the moment.  Many people face unemployment in all walks of life, but perhaps the media should change the way they position some of this.  Troops may well be going to be made redundant as we endeavour to cut the cloth a little bit, and that is a shame for these people who put their lives on the line for our independence, but let’s not make it appear that they are getting sacked.

It isn’t, after all, their fault that they might be faced with the loss of their job because their country can no longer afford to send them in to war zones.

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