Migrating back to Blogger…

I’ve enjoyed my little dalliance with WordPress, but I’m a Google man through and through and, with the news that Google is due to give Blogger a much-needed overhall in the coming weeks, I’ve decided it’s time to return to the site where my addiction with blogging began.

(Actually, that’s not quite true – I started out blogging on a site called Blogit where I was promised I’d be paid millions by people visiting my blog; I earned about 40p. Still, the seed was sewn for my blogging addiction and Blogger was my next site of choice.)

I’ve always promised myself I’d blog more, but it rarely happens, and about a year ago I decided to emigrate to WordPress, where the feature-set seemed much more advanced and the site seemed to be given more attention by WordPress developers.

Sadly, I never managed to keep to my New Year’s resolution of blogging regularly, but am determined to keep trying! With the launch of Google Plus and the developments that have been made to Blogger since I’ve left, plus the proposed further developments of the site as it moves forward, I’ve decided to move back there to try my hand once more at a personal blog.

This time, though, I’m keeping things simple. That Was The Tweet, That Was will be a blog that I use to look back at some of my Twitter and Facebook status updates from the previous seven days, adding a little more substance to the stories that caused them in the first place. And, occasionally, I’ll blog about something that’s caught my attention in the day. Such as the credit card bill I just discovered on my bank account for £31.43, deducted by somebody called Classic Web Cam Services.

Turns out, that was the bill to the Cineworld cinema for our trip to see Transformers 3D last week…!

So, if you’re a subscriber to this blog – or would like to subscribe! – it’s a simple click here to get to the new one, then use one of the subscribe options on the right to pick up right where I’m leaving off…

See you on the other side; and thanks for reading.

Mark Daniels.

That Was The Tweet, That Was...

How the new site looks...

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