Time to reprise my personal blog?

I’m thinking it might be time to reprise my personal blog, which has languished here untouched for some time.

As Ali and I are in the closing stages of our time at The Tharp Arms and life is steadily heading back to that normal humdrum of life we last experienced in 2004, I will be continuing in the pub trade and my professional blog will continue to be published at Inapub News, but perhaps this old online friend can become a place for me to air my thoughts once more, when 140 characters on Twitter just isn’t enough…!

I’m not sure how often I’ll use it – let’s just see how it goes. Meanwhile, I’ve changed the look’n’feel of this blog back to an old one I used to use many moons ago, because I always liked it. But it looks like some of the formatting of the old blogs below is now a bit screwy; sorry about that.


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