Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

Your Facebook News Feed, it’s a busy old place isn’t it? Narcissistic status updates from friends, promotions from businesses, videos from pages you follow… it’s a clutter of noise that makes it difficult to trawl through to find what you’re actually looking for.

Of course, you could unlike pages you’ve been following or unfriend those distant acquaintances who post inane photographs of their previous night’s meal, and this may be a prudent move, but sometimes it’s not right, or politcally correct, to remove a person from your Friends list.

As a rule of thumb, I try to keep my Facebook contacts to family and friends only; there are a couple of work colleagues on there but I don’t accept friend requests from people who I don’t know or who I wouldn’t want to share certain information with. I then make sure that I don’t make certain statuses public (although, this is by no means a guarantee of privacy, remember).

By contrast, I have a much larger audience on Twitter, and LinkedIn is for people I don’t want to be friends with on Facebook… (or work, as it is more commonly known.)

So how do you stay friends with somebody on Facebook, or remain a fan of a business, but stop seeing their posts in your News Feed? It’s quite simple: “unfollow” them.

There are two ways to do this. First, you could visit that person’s/business’s page. At the top of the page, just at the bottom of their main cover photograph, you will see a set of buttons. If it’s a business page, it’ll say LikedFollowing, Message (for friends’ pages Liked is replaced with Friends):

Unfollow on Facebook

Click on the button ticked Following and it’ll switch to say Follow


This person or business’s posts will now not show up in your News Feed. However, you will remain as friends or fans of them, so you can still visit their page to see how they are getting on.

Another way to stop following somebody on Facebook is from within the News Feed itself. When a status pops up it’s often a reminder to you that you’ve forgotten to remove them already; to the top right of each status is a little drop down arrow that will produce a menu:


Simply select the line that says “unfollow <insert name>” and the same function will occur; you will continue to be a fan of the page or ‘friends’ with that individual, but their posts will stop appearing in your News Feed.

(Please note – I haven’t stopped following Autosport International Show, it’s just an example!)

Remember, just because you stop following them doesn’t mean your posts won’t continue to show up in their News Feed. As long as they are still following you, everything you post will continue to appear in their feed. (This doesn’t apply to business pages; they cannot see your personal posts.)

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