Banning smoking while driving…

While I support, in principle, the idea of banning people from smoking in cars when children are also passengers, I can’t help think that this new legislation will be yet another tool to bludgeon Britain’s already-beleaguered motorist with.

First question: how will it be policed? I can suddenly see every car with a smoker behind the wheel being stopped so officers can safely inspect the vehicle for little people. “Oh, and while we’ve got you did you realise…”

Second question: what will the penalty be for this offence? Will this be a fine? Or an excuse to add more points to a driver’s license…?

Third question: how thin is the line between smoking with a kid in the car and the offence of driving without due care and attention? How often have we seen horror stories of a driver being prosecuted because he dared to take a bite of a Kit Kat while stationary at a red traffic light…?

The list of what ifs is endless.

For the record, I’m not pro-smoking. I’ve never even taken a drag on a cigarette. But I’m nearly forty two years old, reasonably healthy, and both my parents smoked while I was growing up.

And back then drivers didn’t even have the courtesy to open a window while smoking and driving with children in the back…

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