How to get Most Recent back in Facebook

It’s been an ongoing battle between Facebook and their users for some time now – users want, scream for, nay demand to see posts from their friends and pages they like in a chronological order.

Despite this, Facebook insist on always defaulting to what they term as Top Stories, although I’ve yet to see what relevance they have as Top Stories for me. All it ever seems to be is promoted posts (Facebook’s income…) and status updates from three days ago. If I’m not careful, I often miss reading posts people have just made.

In their latest app update (on Android at least), Facebook have gone one step further in bullying us in to seeing Top Stories by almost completely hiding access to the Most Recent feed. Finding it really is a bit of a farce.

In the new app, you have to tap on the three bars to the right of the navigation bar and then scroll down Facebook_Most_Recent_Tabuntil you see the Feeds menu. Go careful now, it’s quite a long way down (depending on pages you manage etc.) so you might miss it.

Once you’ve selected the option, the screen will then display your Most Recent feed. But, and here’s the really annoying thing, if you click on any of the navigation buttons, to view friends etc, the main feed defaults back to Top Stories and you have to go through this process again to see Facebook_Most_Recent_Iconyour Most Recent feed. I can see this become a bit of a charade each time we try to keep up with our friends on the world’s biggest social platform.

Perhaps Facebook will realise the error of their ways and make this process easier in a quick update to the app, but I suspect not. They’re hell bent on making us just see Top Stories all the time. Perhaps this is the final push I need to move lock stock and barrel over to Google+…


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