Heading For Open Water…

Ever since I was a child I’ve enjoyed travelling by boat; I’ve holidayed on river craft and hired day boats many times in the past, but this weekend I got the opportunity to get to the helm of something a little larger…

ArriviHeading out to open seas...ng at Wolverstone Marina with my dad, we met up with a his long standing friend David and enjoyed a couple of days aboard the Scotch Mist.

The weather was looking as if it would be against us and we might not get out, but a break in the weather did allow us to get out on to the River Orwell for a bit and head towards open seas.

As we reach the junction with the River Stour, Orwell and the ocean, the swell became quite strong and we opted to cruise back up choppy waters to the marina, but a fantastic hour and a half was spent on water I’ve never travelled on at the helm of a boat much bigger than anything I’ve piloted before – a 34 foot Sealine craft.

Evasive action needed to avoid the tugs and their container vessell...We also came across a large container vessel at Harwich that was being pulled out to see by two tugboats – it was fascinating being able to watch the way these ships worked together, a process a lot of people don’t get to see simply because of not being able to be out on the water when it happens in a craft that you’re in control of and therefore able to effectively stop, sit back and watch the action.

So a great weekend had – click on either picture to be taken to the full Google Photo album.




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