I Lasted Two Minutes (with Swing Copter)

I missed out on the Flappy Birds phenomenon. By the time I’d heard about it, creator Dong (don’t snigger)¬†Nguyen had got so frustrated with earning $50000 a day that he pulled it from the mobile app stores and turned down millions from corporates desperate to buy the rights to the game.

Now he’s released a new game. When my teenager told me about Swing Copter I decided I wouldn’t miss out and immediately installed it on my phone.

Two minutes later I threw the phone through my living room window. Then went outside and jumped on it to make sure it was dead.

What a ridiculously irritating game. Games should be challenging, they should be tough. They shouldn’t be flipping impossible.

If Flappy Birds was anything like this, I’m glad I missed it.

Swing Copter


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