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Using the eversion function

One big downside to the Syma X5C quadcopter has to be the instruction manual. It’s poorly translated in to English and quite difficult to understand, so one area of the drone I haven’t played with at all has been the ‘eversion’ function – the bit that makes the toy do flips.

Yesterday, while out playing in a nearby field with the children, I managed to make it flip by accident and then couldn’t work out what I’d done. But this morning, I had some practice, and it’s all to do with this button:

Push this button to make the quadcopter flip

Hold the button on the Syma’s controller and then push the direction control in which direction you would like the drone to flip and, hey presto, over she rolls.

One thing that the instructions do make very clear is that the eversion function will not work when the camera is active. Clearly, this is another piece of mistranslation. It works very well indeed:

The only thing that it remains for me to learn how to do now is reduce the volume on the video when editing in Microsoft Movie Maker!

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