A New Name

You know, it’s relatively easy to write for the magazines I write for in the pub trade because, well, I’m writing about pubs and it’s my day job and therefore I have to do it or I’ll be out of a job, but I often try and get my personal blog up and running and often I fail. I think it’s mostly because I’ve never really had one particular subject that’s personal to get my teeth in to.

But now I do: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

You may know them better as drones. Or quadcopters. Or basically anything radio controlled that’s not got wheels and isn’t a boat.*

And if you keep an eye on this blog, you’ve probably noticed I’ve written a lot about them since Christmas. So I’ve changed the name of the blog from Did I Say That Out Loud to Droning On. Clever, huh? And I’ll probably update the theme soon once I’ve got used to taking photographs from the air and can add something pretty to the page.

Occasionally, I’ll write something here that isn’t about flying remote controlled aircraft, but only occasionally.

I am by no means an expert in this field, but follow me on this journey as I start to learn more about it.

Meanwhile, if you’ve never visited this blog before, you can find out more about me on the About Me page.

*I'm sure somebody will think of an unwheeled, non-flying land-based remote control device that I've not mentioned above. Maybe a tank?

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