About Me and this Blog

First, this is my personal blog. The ramblings here are not to be associated with my employer because, for the most part, they’re not associated with my employer.

I have been messing about with the Internet since 1995. In 2005 I bought a pub and then started messing about with the Internet for pubs. Recently, I’ve developed a bit of a love for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, so I’ve started messing about with them too. So this blog, this personal blog, is mostly about quadcopters, and how often I fly them in to trees.

By day, I’m a consultant to the pub trade on the value of social media to their business and I write columns about the Internet for pub trade press magazines including the Inapub magazine and the BII BUSINESS magazine.

By night I mostly drink beer, watch TV and fly my quadcopter in to trees.

I have a small crush on Jennifer Aniston, a bigger crush on Formula 1, I’m the nephew of magician Paul Daniels, I was once the voice of Strictly Come Dancing for BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and I’ve designed the leg of an oil rig. Occasionally, I’ll write something here that isn’t about drones. But only occasionally.

You can find out much more about me at one of the sites below:

Social Media

Twitter: @markinapub
Facebook: /mjdaniels
Snapchat: markinapub
Instagram: markinapub

Professional Profile


Professional blogs


Personal blogs

Droning On…

Like Pubs?

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