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Adcash – any advice?

So, for a little while now my mum has been complaining about adverts from Adcash popping up on all her devices whenever she tries to browse web pages.

Being as it’s mum, and being as she’s IT illiterate, I was pretty convinced that she’d simply installed some rogue piece of malware on her devices.

I sent through some instructions on how to rid herself of it but apparently – apparently – they didn’t work.

Now, my mum lives in Malaysia and yesterday my family and I arrived to visit. After a debacle of a journey getting here (a story for another blog) and a visit to the Malaysian Grand Prix (definitely a story for another blog!) we collapsed with jetlag.

But I woke this morning feeling refreshed, switched on my phone and browsed some never-ending stories about Jeremy Clarkson and the future of Top Gear.

The trouble was, each time I click a link to a new page my phone is inundated with Adcash pop ups.

Now, I haven’t installed any apps since arriving. Haven’t downloaded software or clicked on any “what happened next is amazing” rogue links in social media.

All I did was arrive at my mum’s house in Kuala Lumpur and connect to her router…

It’s not just my device either. My fifteen year old son got in to a tizzy thinking that, yet again, he’d be in trouble for not taking care when installing items on his phone and, to be fair, he’s usually to blame. But not on this occasion. Since arriving at his Nana’s, he’s been plagued by Adcash too.

So, I’ve followed all the usual protocols. I’ve searched for advice on the internet (much of which doesn’t work). And now I’m stumped.

Is it the router itself?

Does anybody out there know what this Adcash is? And how to get rid of it?

Or do I need to call in Mulder and Scully?

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